Our Investment and Client Service Promise

We have been successfully operating since 1988 and we are very proud to have built up a loyal client following. Our clients often say that they started with our firm for our technical expertise and stayed because of our commitment to client service.

Our Service Promise

Forever committed to the best interest and financial security for our clients, using our knowledge experience and professional insight.

What we do

Our service starts with a commitment to understand you – your goals and your aspirations; and to develop a financial plan using our knowledge, expertise and professional insight.

We have developed our investment philosophy based upon sound judgement. All our decisions are carefully thought through, researched and tested.

We provide regular and structured quarterly investment reviews and at all times you have direct access to your investment portfolios online.

Why we do it

We take the responsibility of managing your money very seriously. We understand that being a trusted adviser comes with the obligation of staying true to our word.

Our clients often say that we give ‘Peace of mind’ – even when the going gets tough. The regular and pro-active communication means our clients are informed, feel secure and know that at any time they can call us.

How to get started

We are here to help and we offer a complimentary and private consultation. After many years of service, we have developed a flexible approach for our clients so feel free to call or email our office.