Our Investment Philosophy - Knowledge, Insight, Execution

At Boston Private Wealth we firmly believe that investing should not be left to luck. We believe our success has been built upon:
  • Knowledge – A solid education and understanding of investment markets as well as an understanding of a client’s financial goals, aspirations and tolerance for investment risk
  • Professional Insight – Experience and great contacts, ‘being in the know’. Professional insight leads to sound well balanced considerations that are in the best interests of the client
  • Execution – To have the confidence in our judgement to make timely and effective decisions without hesitation.
We have developed a unique approach amongst the financial planning profession to deliver quality outcomes for our clients. At Boston Private Wealth:
  • We don’t use retail investment platforms.
  • We don’t use retail investment fund managers unless they add value to a portfolio
  • We don’t have a ‘cookie cutter’ (you get what everyone else gets) approach
  • We don’t ‘sell’ investments.
Our focus is about achieving results:
  • We use either a ‘low cost’ virtual investment administration systems or best of breed Wrap Platforms that depends on the best fit for the client
  • We do use sophisticated tools to help build modern investment portfolios with a common sense approach
  • We do build our share portfolios based upon experience, sound management and the company’s ability to deliver a consistent return to investors
  • We do consult with professionals in their field of expertise
  • We do have open and consistent communication with our clients.

We provide formal reviews of your portfolio. Each change in the portfolio will be documented, discussed and agreed before implementation. You won’t be left in the dark.


Our investment philosophy continues to be developed through our experience. We are fortunate to work with great clients who have large investment portfolios to invest and often with complex needs.

We take the responsibility of managing our client’s wealth very seriously and appreciate our client’s support through regular referrals to their own friends and family.

You should expect:
  • Global Investment Approach & Reach
  • Highly Liquid & Cost Effective Investments
  • Full Transparency
  • Large Institutional Sized Managers
  • Directly held Australian shares
  • Daily Pricing Updates
  • Exclusive access to private & property investments not available through retail channels
  • Ability to change investment retail channels quickly if your circumstances change