Planning for Retirement

No matter what the state of our personal finances, financial planning for retirement is something we must all take seriously. We live in a world whereby change is the only certainty, especially when it comes to finance and the investment markets.

Planning for a successful retirement requires financial knowledge, experience and professional insight.

Why have a financial plan for retirement?

Most people would agree that financial planning for retirement is essential, but it is also something that can be 'put off', particularly by those who lead a very busy lifestyle.

Here in Australia, much like the rest of the world we have an aging population and the ratio of taxpaying workers to non workers is growing at an alarming rate. This situation puts the responsibility upon the individual to plan for their own retirement.

We have a superannuation system that was designed to give everyone the opportunity and the incentive to fund their own retirement. However, retirement planning is not just about superannuation. Good financial planning also means repaying non-deductible debt (home mortgages and personal loans) and accumulating enough financial resources for your desired lifestyle in retirement.

How we help our clients to plan for a successful retirement

We have been successfully working with our clients since 1988 to develop sound financial plans to meet their retirement objectives. We take a personal approach to match strategies and investments to suit your desired goals and your level of investment risk. Our process includes:

  • Discuss, listen and document your goals, aspirations and concerns - We want to know what is important to you
  • Assess your current resources - Review your assets, liabilities and sources of income and expenses
  • Time frames - When will you want to retire, what else may occur between now and retirement
  • Build the financial lifestyle plan - A strategic plan for the long term
  • Solid foundation of investments - We have a depth of experience, knowledge and professional insight to build a portfolio of investments, tailored to your financial plan.
  • Agreement - We like you to be involved and understand the financial planning process
  • Flexibility - Things change and we make sure that when your situation changes we can adapt the financial plan to suit.

Our Service Promise - Keeping you informed with our promise of regular updates and making ourselves available to you when you need us.

Why good financial planning is important

Good financial planning for your retirement is important as the path to retirement is rarely smooth. A good financial plan should have the following attributes:

  • Maximising the opportunities available to you through your investments
  • Investment portfolio risk management through careful research, experience and professional insight
  • The flexibility to take advantage of new opportunities
  • The flexibility to adapt and continue when 'things' don't go to plan
  • The financial plan needs to be a 'good fit' for you and other entities you may have. For example, family trusts and business interests
  • Administration - A good financial plan will also take away the mundane yet complex paperwork associated with investing and superannuation

How to get started

We are here to help and we offer a complimentary and private consultation. After many years of service, we have developed a flexible approach for our clients so feel free to call or email our office.

General Advice Warning

The Information on this page has not taken into account your financial situation, needs or objectives. Before acting upon any advice, you should consider whether it is appropriate for you. If the advice relates to a financial product, you should obtain and consider the Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision in relation to the product.

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